Let's tie the Knot!

Measuring Tips

In order to get an accurate measurement of your waist, you will need measuring tape. Please use the inches side of your measuring tape. If you do not have measuring tape click here to access a printable measuring tape. Once you are taken to the webpage follow the instructions for printing.
Please note sitting, sucking in, or poking out your belly will result in an inaccurate reading of measurements. For best results, stand up straight or ask someone for assistance. 

How To Tie

  1. Your strands will arrive with a slip knot on each end. Keep these in place until later in the process.
  2. Place your strand around your waist exactly where you measured and prepare to tie.
  3. Start by crossing the strands over each other until they meet perfectly with no space. 
  4. Once you find the perfect match, loop your front string behind the back string as if you are tying a knot. At this point, your strand should stay in place. This is the perfect time to examine the placement of your strand. Be sure the strand is not tucked into any creases you may have or drooping in the back. 
  5. Once you are comfortable with the placement of your strand, you are ready to tie your first knot. If there is limited string left to tie, remove your slip knot. 
  6. To remove the slip knot, simply pull your support beads at the end of your strand until you hear and feel a release in the string. 
  7. Once your slip knot has been removed, your beads will slide to the end of your string providing more room to tie. 
  8. You can proceed to tie your first two knots as you would tie a shoe. 
  9. Once your strand is secured, grab your scissors and a bowl.
  10. Slide beads down the strand toward your belly. Cut off the supporter bead and proceed to slide the remaining beads into a bowl. Repeat on opposite side. 
  11. Once extra beads are off tie another knot connecting both ends of the strand (I personally like to tie surgeons’ knots). 
  12. Tie the left two strands in a knot and repeat the same on the right two strands. 
  13. Tie another surgeon's knot as mentioned in Step 11 for extra security.
  14. Cut the excess string right above your knot. BE CAREFUL NOT TO CUT SUPPORT KNOT. 
  15. Enjoy your lovely strand! 

You will be glad you said, I do!