Waist bead information

What are the reasons for wearing waist beads?

Please see our waist bead informational page by clicking here, for more information.

How do I get my measurements?

It is important that each client measures with the inches side of their measuring tape. If you do not have measuring tape, you can use a printable measuring tape by clicking here, and following the instructions on the page. For detailed instructions on measuring visit our tie the knot page by clicking here.

Please place measurements in the notes section of your order. 

How do I tie on my waist beads?

Please see our let's tie the knot page by clicking here for a video, and written instructions on how to tie your waist beads. 

***Please do not use pants size as waist size, it is not accurate due to the uniqueness of each person’s body. 


Do you offer waist bead repairs?

Waist So Lovely only repairs waist beads purchased from our company. The cost of a bead repair depends on the amount of material needed to fix the strand. Please email us at info@Waistsolovelydesigns.com with pictures, as well as a description of what needs repairing. An invoice will be sent to you once request has been assessed. 

Does the string stretch?

Waist So Lovely does not offer stretch waist beads.

My waist beads do not look like the color(s) in the pictures.

We apologize if your waist beads are slightly different than the pictures on our site. We try our best to catch strands in natural lighting, but sometimes they may be a tad bit different than the picture. Please keep this in mind when ordering strands. If you are not sure about a color, please email us at info@Waistsolovelydesigns.com for more details. 

Will my colors fade?

We pride ourselves in using beads that can handle being worn daily, even during showers and exercise. While we do our best to select beads that will last ,showering, body oils, over exposure to sunlight, sweat and lotions can cause color dullness or fading over time. 

Do colors have meanings?

Yes. see color descriptions on our waist bead information page by clicking here. Designs also have descriptions of the intended meaning under them. 

I want an item that is sold out. Will it restock?

While many items can be made again, some items are made of rare beads and findings and will be produced in limited quantities. 

Do you do private tying’s?

Yes. For clients in the St. Louis area, you can set up an appointment to get your strands tied on. If you would like to set up an appointment please email us at info@waistsolovelydesigns.com