Why Waist Beads?



         What are waist beads 

Waist beads are originally an African Tradition. You've most likely seen them adorning the waist of women with numerous types of beads, crystals or healing stones. While many couple the idea of waist beads with weight loss that is not the only, nor true meaning of these beautiful treasures. 

Tribes in African culture wear waist beads for numerous meanings. To represent class, femininity, spirituality, seduction, and as a rite of passage to womanhood. They are also said to shape a women’s waist and accentuate curves.

You can track weight loss by tying beads above the thickest part of your waist. Pair that with eating healthy, and working out consistently. As you loss inches your beads will fall gradually down to your hips. While they can work as a permeant scale, and a reminder to push back from the table. Waist beads alone cannot cause weight loss.

       Clasp versus Tied

Waist beads are traditionally worn tied around the waist. They are meant to  remain tied until they break off, or are cut off if they have met their purpose for the wearer. With each strand being made with a specific purpose they are a symbol of your commitment and intentions on a journey to self-love and self-reflection. 

Many wear strands that stretch or have a clasp that allows them to be removable. While this is not traditional, it's the choice of the person who is purchasing them. Waist So Lovely does not provide stretch strands or clasp at this time.


       Do colors have meaning?

Yes. each color has a meaning  See the chart below. 



 Why we create

           Waist So Lovely creates waist beads for all, no matter shape or size. Each strand is hand made with prayers of peace, love, and happiness. We take pride and honor in being a part of your self love journey.